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Scams are on the rise and evolving every day! We have received information about a scam attempt from one of our members! It is imperative that you keep your information safe. Here are a few tips on what you can do to keep your information confidential. 

Do not disclose information

We will never call you to ask you for your information. If you call us, we will ask you to verify information before disclosing any account information. We will never call you to ask for your pin number, password, or account number.

Hang up

If you receive a call from our number with someone insisting, they are a credit union employee, and you are unsure or feel pressured to disclose information, hang up! Do not tell them anything. 

Initiate contact

If you receive a suspicious call or any type of contact, call us directly to verify that it is actually from us. We recommend that you send us a message through our secured chat feature on our online banking platform.  It is a secure way to exchange information with us or verify any account issue.

Use secure platforms

Do not send us any account or personal information by email! Provide information through the platforms we have established that are safe and secure. For example, use our online banking platform mentioned above, or our application portal to provide or request sensitive information.

Avoid links 

Do not click links in text messages or emails that you are unfamiliar with or are unexpected.  If you receive an email that looks suspicious, verify with us whether it was actually sent by us before clicking any links. We will never ask for any account information through a regular email message. You may receive texts or emails from our servicers with fraud activity alerts or information that may require you to respond. 

Stop and breathe 

Scammers will use pressure and trigger your emotions to make you act fast. Slow down and take note if something seems off or too good to be true. Think about how you've been contacted in the past, does it line up or seem suspicious? We are familiar with our members, and we hope you are familiar with us! Ask for the name of the person who contacted you. If they do not want to provide it or gives you a name you are not familiar with, hang up and do not give any information.

Report it

Let us know when you experience a fraud attempt. The information you give us will help us to alert others to the tricks and methods being used to. Things are evolving quickly.  Any information is helpful. Visit Fraud Resources | for other ways to report fraudulent activity.

Added protection

Take advantage of the free ID theft Protection service that is provided for our NCD CU debit card holders through Mastercard. Register today for added protection.

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