How To Stay One Step

Ahead of Fraud

As we as a society do increasingly more online, including shopping, communicating and banking, it can be challenging to keep up with how to keep personal information safe. At New Covenant Dominion Credit Union, we work very hard to keep your information safe. We use secure platforms for banking and communication, and various methods of safety precautions regarding your account information.  

However, there are many ways that people are tricked into releasing important information.  We want to make sure that you know what to expect from us and how to stay safe when banking online and doing other electronic transactions.

We will not ask for your personal information

First and foremost, New Covenant Dominion Credit Union will never call or email you requesting information such as your account information, password, or pin number. If you call us, we will ask various questions to verify that you are the account holder before disclosing information.

If you need to contact us regarding account information we ask that you please do not send any information through email, this is not secure! For account information, use the secure chat feature associated with our online banking site or our secure adobe forms. If you are ever in doubt about any correspondence or message received please contact the branch before clicking any links or responding to requests for personal information.

Stay one step ahead of Fraud

Understand the various ways fraudsters try to obtain your personal and debit card information. The more you know, the more you can stay one step ahead of fraud.

Protect Personal Information

Phishing’s a scam in which fraudsters pose as legitimate businesses to trick you into divulging your social security number, account numbers, passwords or other sensitive personal information. Hiding behind the anonymity of emails and phone calls, the fraudsters pretend to be reputable financial institutions, credit card companies, online service providers, retailers, etc. They’ll try and convince you there’s an immediate need to update your financial information.

 Stay one step ahead of Phishing:

  •  Remember: no legitimate business will request this type of information.

  • Don’t give out your personal information.

Debit Card safety

Debit cards are a very convenient way to make purchases; in store and online. Debit cards are linked directly to your checking account. Follow these simple steps to keep your debit card and financial accounts safe.

Stay one step ahead of Debit Card fraud:

  •  Use your PIN whenever possible.

  •  Set up fraud alerts through online banking and mobile apps.

  •  Review financial accounts and statements regularly.

  • Sign your card on the signature panel.

  • Report lost or stolen debit cards to us immediately.

ATM security

Be vigilant at ATMs. Check your surroundings. Have your card ready when you step up to the machine. If something seems suspicious, contact us immediately.

Stay one step ahead with ATM Safety:

  •  Cover the PIN pad with your hand while entering your PIN

  • Use familiar ATMs in well-lit areas.

  • Tug the card reader before inserting your card and look for skimmers.

  •  Don’t use the ATM if the card slot or keypad looks suspicious.

Online shopping

When shopping online, be aware of ways to avoid undue risk and keep your personal information free from fraud.

Stay one step ahead while online shopping:

  •  Shop with trusted brands. Look for the green padlock icon and HTTPS:// to ensure you’re on a secure website.

  •  Never give private information, such as your social security number, passwords, or birthdate to anyone online.

  • Create strong passwords with more than eight characters, an uppercase letter and at least one number and/or special character.

  •   Use and update firewall software to protect your computer’s information.

  •  Avoid free or special product offers — these are usually too good to be true.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself. If you suspect identity theft or fraud, contact us immediately so we can help! 


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