Member Organizations

Individuals and family members who are affiliated with one of our member organizations qualify for credit union membership. Our members get access to impactful financial products and services aimed at improving the lives of individuals.

New Covenant Christian Ministries

1175 Boston Rd., Bronx, NY 10456,  718-328-6072

City of Faith Church of God

3453 White Plains Rd., Bronx, NY 10467, 718-798-3052

Anglican Church of the Pentecost International

1240 Edward L. Grant Highway,Bronx, NY, 10452, 917-376-7109

Inspirational Gospel Assembly

1211 Brook Ave., Bronx, NY 10456, 347-758-6447

Bronx Christian Fellowship Baptist Church

4287 Crotona Ave., Suite 147, Bronx, NY 10470, 267-733-2787

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